God Help Me – I Need Help

Are you in the middle of a storm or trouble or are you hurting and discouraged?  When in the middle of challenging situations the cry of many is “God help me – I need help!. Even those who may have never given God much thought call out to Him for help when confronted with difficulties that look impossible.
god help me

God Help Me!

Usually there are two questions that are asked by those calling on God for help. The first is, “Will God answer my cry for help?” The second being, “Why me God?“ In other words they think God is to blame for their problem. They assume God is punishing them for some reason, why else would this be happening.

You may be facing a desperate situation and asking these very questions. You are not alone. Trials and tribulations are part of life. No one is exempt from facing obstacles and problems.  So, will God help you and is He causing the problem?  Watch the short video below to discover the answers…





I want you to be encouraged, there is help –

There is help for every problem.  You may be facing a negative medical diagnosis. You may have just lost your job. Your spouse may have just left you. You may be facing a mountain of bills and no way to pay them. You may be facing a legal challenge that looks impossible. You may be addicted and there seems to be no hope. You may be gripped with fear and anxiety. Whatever problem you are facing the only true source of lasting help is the Lord.

God is not your problem. God has not abandoned you and He has not singled you out, no matter how you feel right now.  God is not behind your problems.  In fact He is for you and the one who will help no matter what you are going through.  Don’t blame God.  Run to God.  He has promised to see you through and give you the strength and the direction you need.

Your help is from the Lord. I want encourage to continue to cry out to God for help. If you are in a difficult situation and you need help God is a great source for help. God wants you to know that He understands how you feel, that He knows more about your situation than you do, and that He saw it coming before you did. Above all,  The reality is – God is for you. He is not against you.  GOD IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM

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